[Whitepaper] Managed Care Organizations Need Critical Data to Thrive

As MCOs strive to improve the health of their members, it is their own health - and preservation as an organization - that needs attending to. Enacting a clinical data strategy is just one of the critical steps MCOs must take if they want to survive, and thrive, in the value-based world. Miss the opportunity, and MCOs risk falling short on contractual obligations, having memberships taken over by competing organizations, and in some cases, even going out of business.

This whitepaper cites data from a recent MCO survey conducted by InterSystems. It outlines and answers five key questions:

  • Why is clinical data crucial in a value-based world?
  • What are the benefits of bringing clinical data into the MCO?
  • What are the primary vehicles organization use to collect clinical data?
  • What are the necessary processes to overcome data value chain challenges?
  • Which factors MCOs must consider when implementing a clinical data strategy?

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