[eBook] 5G: A Look at the Business Models

5G is poised to soon become a reality.

Indeed, top wireless carriers across the globe are already deep into tests of the network technology in order to ascertain exactly what it can do, and exactly what they can do with it. And early tests have shown that 5G can support dramatic increases in wireless speeds alongside new features and services that wireless network operators and others hope will create significant new business opportunities.

Further, the 5G pace is quickening. Operators across the globe, from the United States to Japan, are rushing forward with their 5G plans. An industry that initially expected 5G launches to hit in the 2020 timeframe now expects to see substantial action on the front as early as next year.

This, of course, raises a critical question: How will operators make money from 5G?

It’s a question that has enormous ramifications for all the players in the wireless ecosystem, from wireless network operators to equipment vendors to backhaul suppliers to technology providers. And it’s a question that remains cloudy at best.

This Fierce eBook will seek to shine some light on this still-evolving market in four parts.

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