[eBrief] 5G - The ongoing evolution

Our future 5G world will be one of high connectivity and extreme communications as never before seen. Unlike previous mobile network technology turns, 5G will not be a “rip-and-replace” of existing 4G/LTE networks, but instead symbiotically coexist and serve as the cornerstone from which many of the 5G use cases and applications will be delivered around ultra-broadband, low latency and massive machine type communications.

Much of the technology that our future 5G world will require has already been introduced and implemented. 5G will take these technologies and concepts and expand upon them, taking them to a much higher level, especially for those applications utilizing millimeter wave frequencies. With theoretical data rates of 10Gbps, 1ms end-to-end latencies and connection densities of XX, 5G will break many boundaries, but not without LTE paving the way.

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