[Whitepaper] Modernizing Life Science Manufacturing: How Analytics, IoT and the Cloud are Rewriting Drug Production

Manufacturing is one of the most challenging environments in the pharmaceutical industry. Companies must quickly, efficiently and consistently execute complex processes in compliance with evolving regulations. In light of the pressure to make therapeutics better, faster and cheaper, forward-thinking companies are seeing this as an opportunity to use new data analytics, IoT devices, machine learning, and the cloud to modernize their manufacturing operations and supply chain. To do so, manufacturers need a partner, such as AWS, that has tailored its cloud offering to the pressures and requirements of good manufacturing practice (GMP) environments.

In this whitepaper you will learn:

  • How new data acquisition and analytic technologies can boost manufacturing intelligence and agility
  • How companies like Merck and Moderna optimize manufacturing operations utilizing the cloud
  • How companies are using the cloud to boost reliability, compliance, and security

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