[Whitepaper] Real-World Evidence in the Cloud: How Technology is Revealing the Big Picture in Pharma

The collection and analysis of data generated outside of restricted clinical trials is now critical to pharma companies. Life science companies are responding with Real World Evidence (RWE) programs to capture data from clinical through post-market activities from a variety of sources. The data-backed insights from using RWE can positively impact the entire drug lifecycle and can help improve innovation speed and financial outcomes for organizations.

The AWS Cloud is facilitating RWE by making it easier for pharma companies to ingest vast datasets, and by providing analytical tools, including artificial intelligence capabilities, to efficiently analyze this data and provide insights. Learn how the centralization of data assets in the AWS Cloud enables organizational intelligence by equipping companies to understand the needs of patients and other stakeholders, and how their products can meet them. The result is better-informed companies that more efficiently improve patient outcomes and address the pain points of payers and providers.

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