The vision of using mobile technologies in clinical trials offers the potential to capture more informative real-world data from patients, reduce barriers to trial participation, lower costs, and speed the timelines associated with conducting clinical trials. A lack of guidance to overcoming technical, clinical, operational, and regulatory challenges has hindered widespread adoption of mobile technologies in regulated clinical trials—until now.

In this webinar, the Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative (CTTI) will describe new recommendations and resources for the use of mobile technologies in clinical research. These evidence-based solutions—jointly developed by regulators, sponsors, clinicians, technology experts, data scientists, and patients—address an unmet need by outlining best practices for the use of mobile devices and applications for data capture.

Learn from regulatory, clinical, and patient experts CTTI’s practical guidance for:

  • Selecting appropriate mobile technologies;
  • Collecting, analyzing, and managing the data they generate;
  • Optimizing protocol design when these technologies are used for data capture; and
  • Preparing for FDA submission and inspection.

This action-oriented webinar will describe in detail the information investigators, sponsors, and service providers need to meet technical requirements, support collaborations, and understand each other’s needs and expectations—providing a pathway forward to make the use of mobile technologies in clinical trials a reality.

Featured Speakers

Linda Ricci

Associate Director
Digital Health Programs, CDRH, FDA

In her current role at the FDA, she leads the development and implementation of digital health policy within the Office of Device Evaluation.

Abby Bronson, MBA

Senior Vice President, Research Strategy
Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy

She brings experience from a variety of areas, including the biopharma industry, academic medical centers, and NIH.

Ray Dorsey, MD

David M. Levy Professor, Neurology
Director of the Center for Health + Technology, University of Rochester

Through creative use of technology, he and his colleagues seek to enable anyone anywhere to receive care, participate in research, and benefit from therapeutic advances.

Lita Sands, MBA

Principle Business Development Manager
Amazon Web Services, Life Sciences

In this role, she is focused on accelerating the transformation of clinical and commercial models through advanced cloud based capabilities to drive better outcomes for patients.


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