Traditional-based learning within life sciences is still considered the norm, yet this type of training is limiting. Sales reps, marketing liaisons, and clinical trainers need to move away from the archaic way of distributing information in order to improve engagement, both internally and externally. Whether it’s training for on-boarding, certifications, or ongoing product information, join the battle and help settle the score as this webinar reviews:

  • Why the traditional approach to training is no longer effective
  • The impact of moving to a modern learning approach
  • What mobile video technology can enable within an enterprise
  • How peer learning can accelerate sales performance

Featured Speakers

Scott Van Almen

Director of Strategy and Growth, Life Sciences Division

Scott Van Almen is a sales executive with multiple years’ experience in life sciences. He served as a sales performance consultant at an award-winning sales improvement firm focused on developing and sustaining clients’ competitive advantage through training and technology solutions and as a sales director at NuVasive for six years.

Joe Baker

Sales Development & Training Manager

Joe Baker has more than 30 years' experience in sales and is currently responsible for developing and executing all training curriculum and activities for Becton Dickinson Preanalytical Systems. He has led and executed selling skills development throughout BD and was responsible for implementing Allego.


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