[Whitepaper] Orchestrating 5G and Open-source

NFV has been in the Telecom glossary for most of the last decade. However, a series of challenges of a distinct nature (e.g., organizational, technical and operational) have constrained the realization of its promised benefits. With the rising interest in network softwarization, the influence of open-source communities in the networking ecosystem has significantly boosted, creating ideal conditions for new market entrants and the disruption of the traditional networking business.

However, NFV is still waiting to be widely adopted by network operators, who do not see the return on investment that justifies procuring the technology and fail to see the solutions to the challenges highlighted herein. With 5G networks right on the curve, this white paper provides an overview over NFV’s history, its motivation, key use cases and success blocking challenges. It describes the role that open-source is playing towards its future – although late – success, providing the crucial example of Orchestration solutions. In parallel, the paper attempts to provide answers to the following important questions:

  • What will be the role of NFV in 5G?
  • How is open-source software influencing the future of NFV?
  • Why is open-source increasingly relevant for the Telecom business?

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