[eBook] Modernizing clinical trials with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

While digitally transforming clinical research holds great promise, it is a complex undertaking. Managing the volume and variability of healthcare data is challenging for life sciences organizations looking to modernize clinical trials. From IoT to data management to high-performance computing and machine learning, leading life sciences organizations are using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to develop scalable, global, predictable, and secure solutions to modernize clinical trials while mitigating risks.

Making sense of such a variety of data not only requires deep domain expertise but also understanding of how to leverage the scalability of the cloud. Life science companies are working with AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners to develop tools that enable companies to meet the vast data storage and computing needs of precision medicine trials, pressure-test the feasibility of study protocols using AI and machine learning, and integrate mobile technologies into studies to ease patient burdens and reduce costs.

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