[Whitepaper] Everything You Need to Know About Medical-Grade Rubber Compounds

Rubber o-rings and seals have been utilized by the medical industry throughout history. These components can seal a variety of devices, from critical electronics and implanted devices to dust covers for surgical equipment and more. For these applications, the use of an unapproved material may cause duplicate testing or delays in regulatory approval.

In this guide to medical-grade compounds, we explain why it’s important to choose the right material during the design phase of the manufacturing process.

Expect to learn more about the following:
  1. Rubber quality standards
  2. The various USP and ISO 10993 classifications
  3. Why there are recommended testing protocols
  4. The difference between medical-grade and food-grade compounds
  5. Varying levels of vendor raw material certifications
We broke down everything you need to know about medical rubber compounds, so you can comply with regulations associated with the medical industry and a variety of specific applications.

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