[Whitepaper] The 3DP Revolution: Planning Effective Brand Extension for In-Market Drugs

Numerous drug companies are set to reach loss of exclusivity (LOE) on several high-performing small molecules between 2018 and 2022, putting $74.2 billion in pharmaceutical sales at risk. When LOE kicks in, generic alternatives are then able to enter the market at an oftentimes dramatically reduced price point.

By planning as early as possible and leveraging the right technology, firms can strategically get ahead of looming challenges in the market that include both generic products and new branded drugs.

This whitepaper explores how drug companies can take advantage of a variety of Lifecycle Management (LCM) strategies that prolong intellectual ownership of their innovative therapies while simultaneously allowing them to expand the ways their drug can address currently unmet patient needs – therefore making their drug less substitutable by new, competing branded products.

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