A novel manufacturing process using three-dimensional printing has been developed to meet the needs of various individual or combined formulation challenges. The dosage form is assembled layer-by-layer without using compression forces or traditional molding techniques.

Throughout the presentation, you’ll discover how ZipDose® by Aprecia enables a new world of powerful formulation solutions for NCE product candidates in Phase I or Phase II development and testing. You’ll also review how 3DP can offer formulation advantages such as better molecule protection, adjustable powder layers and flexibility in dose loading for adaptive clinical trials. 

Speaking topics include:

  • New technologies to produce first in-human dosage forms
  • Providing real-time formulation support for adaptive clinical trials
  • Non-compression tableting methods to accommodate fragile molecules and particles
  • Novel dosage forms to minimize R&D iterations of dosing frequency and dose size

Featured Speaker

Timothy S. Tracy, Aprecia

Timothy S. Tracy, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer
Aprecia Pharmaceuticals, LLC

Dr. Timothy S. Tracy is the Chief Executive Officer for Aprecia Pharmaceuticals, LLC since January 2018. An expert in clinical pharmacology and a Fellow with the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, Dr. Tracy holds two patents related to drug delivery systems and has published over 100 scientific manuscripts. Dr. Tracy’s research interests deal with pharmacogenetics and their effect on drug metabolism, as well as the larger field of clinical pharmacology.  


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