For pharma marketers, mobile is the place to be—literally. After all, the appetite for using location-based mobile ads is growing as brands aim to engage audiences at relevant points of care. But there’s more to an effective marketing strategy than being in the right place at the right time. Over the years, Tomorrow Networks (a division of Aptus Health) has focused on developing an approach that’s anchored on location while leveraging data that delivers measurably more effective campaigns for the health and lifestyle market.

Join this session to learn about:

  • Going beyond location alone to leverage critical factors that affect healthcare decisions
  • Important privacy and fraud guardrails required for successful mobile audience targeting
  • Addressing the challenges of mobile measurement through a rigorous product sales-driven methodology
  • Insights and outcomes from hyper-local, hyper-targeted ad campaigns

Featured Speakers

Patrick Aysseh

President & General Manager
Tomorrow Networks (a division of Aptus Health)

Patrick is responsible for defining and executing the strategic vision and growth of Tomorrow Networks. Previously, Patrick served as Executive Vice President, Digital, at Remedy Health Media, where he oversaw the digital expansion and transformation of the company through organic growth and acquisitions. He also served as Chief Marketing Officer of Revolution Health Group, where he was responsible for developing and executing the company’s marketing strategy for a network of health websites.

Andrew Mataraso

Senior Vice President, Media Solutions
Tomorrow Networks (a division of Aptus Health)

Andrew is responsible for driving the growth of Tomorrow Networks and developing strategic mobile solutions for advertisers. Andrew brings over twenty years of experience in pharmaceutical and medical device sales, marketing and advertising, as well as media and communications. Prior to joining Tomorrow Networks, Andrew worked at WebMD and other health media companies, developing integrated marketing solutions for top pharmaceutical and CPG advertisers. He also brings deep industry understanding from his time at GSK and Eli Lilly.


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