[Whitepaper] 5G to Bring a Revolutionary Change in Concert – Are You Ready?

5G networks are being rolled out around the world and the pace will accelerate through 2019 and into 2020. Unlike previous generations of cellular communications, 5G is a game changer for both consumer and business applications. Indeed, 5G is the missing link for the commercialization of emerging technologies like IoT, augmented reality, virtual reality and autonomous transportation. But with expanded capabilities come new challenges for managing the end-to-end 5G network lifecycle.

The good news is that 5G networks are under construction as CSPs ramp up deployment plans. While China and the US are leading the rollout, all major service providers around the world are planning to deploy 5G by 2020, some more rapidly than others.

Altran provides 5G services and capabilities that deliver value to our customers and address pain points by:

• Delivering high throughput for users requiring high capacity

• Revolutionizing the way, we use broadcast, including TV broadcast, which will shift to 5G as a communications platform for interactive TV

• Providing a common technology to support connectivity for various applications such as home automation, agriculture, industrial, healthcare, robotics and connected vehicles. For instance, in one agricultural application, drones could be used to collect analytics from the soil and use it to manage irrigation and fertilizer needs

• Delivering low latency and ultra-low latency AR/VR applications including advanced gaming, such as drone racing

• Enabling better healthcare solutions such as remote surgery performed by doctors hundreds of miles away from the operating room

• Improving the customer experience of sports events with 360-degree viewing that includes multiple views of critical plays

A foundational technology like 5G — requires capabilities and skills to design, build and field the equipment, maintain and grow the network, and reap the benefits of the investment by developing innovative products and services. 5G is more than a next-generation communication technology; it’s a technology revolution.

To explore how Altran can get your business ready for this most awaited wave, download this Whitepaper.

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