[Whitepaper] Cloud Migration Strategy and Benefits

The major reasons for any organization to adopt public cloud are flexibility, scalability, security, flexible pricing and more. The pricing structure includes pay-as-you-go-service, maximum uptime, elastic IT-related capabilities, business agility, and different service models such as IaaS and SaaS. The organization must take into consideration what kind of data and applications they have and what result they aim to achieve with cloud migration. Migrate a meaningful portion - not necessarily all.

Based on recent market research, applications which are web-based, microservices, large data lakes used for analytics and research purposes, containers, general business applications and Internet of Things are the prime target for public cloud migration. The blueprint in this whitepaper offers a proven step-by-step approach of cloud migration strategy with all the best practices and covers:

  • Benefits of migrating to public cloud
  • Key challenges and parameters to consider for cloud migration
  • How to mitigate cloud migration challenges
  • Altran's public cloud capabilities

Altran Cloud Engineering services help clients to tackle the most challenging architecture, implementation and operation requirements for cloud-based applications, products and platforms on public, private and hybrid environments. 

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