[Whitepaper] The Industrial Ethernet Network

Helping you build high-speed, reliable networks

The major driver for industrial Ethernet is the increasing demand for connectivity across all sectors including airlines, factories, manufacturing, mining, oil exploration, power grids, railways and utilities. The demand for connectivity is driven by a variety of industry-specific factors such as increasing automation, inventory optimization, production lifecycles, globalization, disaster prevention and 24/7 information systems. All these applications are communications intensive and require a reliable and ubiquitous network.

The Aricent framework provides software for both the network element and the control application. This enables OEMs to rapidly assemble the core networking aspects of an industrial Ethernet networking portfolio while keeping a sharp focus on customer and market development without depleting resources on R&D problems that have been solved already.

Applying the Aricent solution can result in time-to-market improvement of between six and 15 months. In addition, the staffing requirements for the Aricent solution are typically lower because of the amount of existing development and pre-integration experience of the Aricent team, which means the cost savings could be even higher.

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