[Whitepaper] What to Look for in an Informatics Platform for Large Molecule R&D

In silico molecular biology tools, electronic lab notebooks, and systems for registration, sample management, workflow management, and request management form the foundation of informatics for large molecule R&D.

When building out their informatics, most R&D organizations evaluate these solutions independently, by checking off a list of required features. This is a good starting point, but what are you missing by not evaluating the platform capabilities of these solutions?

The informatics platform you adopt and develop over time is an important consideration with serious consequences for both R&D and IT teams. It impacts the research productivity of your scientists, the decisions you make as an R&D leader, your success in bringing products to market — as well as the ability of IT to strategically support R&D and ensure the longer-term relevance of your infrastructure.

This guide outlines five critical platform capabilities to look for when evaluating an informatics platform for large molecule R&D.

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