For some organizations, wireless has become the “fourth utility;” a resource that’s become as vital as power, water and heating/cooling. As the vitality of wireless spectrum has increased, it’s become clear that while the data demand is limitless, this crucial resource is increasingly scarce.

In this webinar, Monica Paolini, founder and president of Senza Fili, and Chris Stark, chair of the CBRS Alliance, discuss how OnGo, formerly known as CBRS, unlocks valuable spectrum for fixed and mobile users while offering the performance of licensed spectrum at a lower expected cost.

Attendees will learn:

  • The total cost of ownership (TCO) of OnGo across three unique business use cases
  • How this approach allows for a more efficient use of spectrum and gives wireless players the opportunity to expand their networks or deploy new ones
  • How OnGo offers connectivity without compromise for enterprises and other organizations, such a hospitals, public entities, educational institutions, and real-estate owners

Featured Speakers

Monica Paolini

Founder and President
Senza Fili Consulting

Monica Paolini, PhD, founded Senza Fili in 2003. She is an expert in wireless technologies and has helped clients worldwide understand technology and customer requirements, evaluate business plan opportunities, market their services and products, and estimate the market size and revenue opportunity of new and established wireless technologies. 

Chris Stark

CBRS Alliance

Chris Stark is a seasoned telecoms executive, having previously held senior positions at Turin Networks, Luminous Networks and Alcatel, as well as working as a management consultant to start-up telecommunications companies, advising on business strategy, marketing, growth strategies, pricing and competitive analysis. 


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