With decades of research and new drugs approval, cancer remains to be the second leading cause of mortality worldwide. Faster and effective oncology drug development plus therapeutic innovation will continue drive double digit growth of oncology drug market to $80B by 2022.

Among global markets, Asia is well positioned to be the preferred destination for oncology drug development and clinical trials, because of its speed, cost-efficiency, and the similarity in standard treatment with US/Europe.

This webinar will be presented by experts from CMIC Group, Japan’s first and largest CRO. It will provide you tips and insights for early phase oncology drug development in Asia: the market trend, development strategy, regulatory requirements and a case study with step-by-step planning to ensure clinical trial success.

Featured Speakers

Teruyoshi Okuda

President & Representative Director
CMIC Shift Zero K.K.

Teruyoshi is the President of CMIC Shift Zero, which is the joint venture between CMIC Holdings and Shift Zero, specializing in clinical development, marketing, and consulting for the oncology field. Teruyoshi has been focusing on oncology projects since 1991 and led major oncology drug developments at Nippon Roche, Rhone-Poulenc Rorer and Fulcrum Pharma Developments/Niphix KK, prior to joining CMIC Shift Zero. He believes that collaboration between pharmaceutical companies and oncologists will lead to the development of new therapeutic approaches that will both help cancer patients as well as create value for healthcare companies.

Masakazu Kobayashi

Corporate Officer and General Manager, Clinical 2nd Division
CMIC Co., Ltd.

Masakazu is the Corporate Officer and General Manager of Clinical 2nd Division in CMIC that handles oncology, ICCC (In County Clinical Caretaker), and medical device projects. He also leads CMIC Oncology Expertise Team, which is responsible for comprehensive consultation and support from investigational drug manufacturing, clinical study implementation, approval acquisition and sales to Japanese and foreign pharmaceutical companies, ARO and Oncologist Study Groups. With his experience of nearly 30 years in oncology field and extensive knowledge, he leads the customers to develop their drugs in Japan.

Takashi Asahi

Director, International Clinical Development
CMIC Co., Ltd.

Takashi is the Director of International Clinical Development in CMIC. After receiving his master’s degree in Pharmacy, Takashi started out his career as a researcher at a pharmaceutical company. He has experience of over 15 years in oncology field, handling approximately 15 studies as Clinical Research Associate, Project Leader, and Project Manager for both global and local studies. He is capable of providing various services such as strategic development planning, clinical operation, and project management including interaction with regulatory agency and KOLs. Takashi has earned strong trust from his customers with his broad experience and capability.


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