[Whitepaper] Everything you Need to Know About the New NDIR Next Generation, Low-power Infrared LED Sunrise Sensor

CO2 sensors are getting smaller. Changes in optical path design and improvements in infrared LED light sources have enabled a new generation of small footprint CO2 sensors that combine low power requirements with good speed and accuracy for wireless IoT (Internet of Things) applications that use battery or solar power.

In this overview to NDIR sensing technologies, we explain and demonstrate why this sensing technology is important in a variety of applications and its acceleration in catering to IoT (Internet of Things) environments.

Expect to learn the following:
  1. Why CO2 Sensors are getting smaller
  2. Testing the Sunrise CO2 Sensor compared to others
  3. How it can easily be integrated into your application
  4. Why we recommend the Sunrise for battery-operated applications
  5. Where you can expect to find this sensor today
We broke down everything you need to know about NDIR sensing technologies, comparisons and actual consumer insight associated with the sensing technology.

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