To bring a new drug to market, it can take more than a decade and cost upwards of $1 billion. What if there were a way to address global patient needs faster, less expensively, and with better outcomes?

In this webinar, Camargo co-founder Ken Phelps introduces the 505(b)(2) pathway and shares expert insights on:
  • Identifying 505(b)(2) products
  • Navigating regulatory milestones for 505(b)(2) products including IND and NDA preparation and submission
  • Addressing frequently asked questions and common misconceptions surrounding 505(b)(2)

Featured Speaker

Kenneth V. Phelps

President & Founder
Camargo Pharmaceutical Services

Ken Phelps is co-founder and President of Camargo. He has over 40 years of industry experience, including a number of executive-level positions in areas such as quality control, project management and regulatory, clinical and medical affairs.


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