Managing cost by continual improvements is an inevitable part of staying competitive. But when cost reduction compromises quality it might have detrimental consequences for a company’s market performance. There is a misperception that good quality only adds cost, when in fact it is poor quality that can be more expensive.

Consider quality and cost management as a shared responsibility between the manufacturer and its suppliers, creating the space for a win-win collaboration. A capsule remains a “capsule” only when price is the only decision point, rather than an entry point to reduce manufacturing costs through capsule quality or through capsule functionality that addresses key product challenges. The potential to reach six sigma levels of operational performance is made possible with the use of the right technology platform partnered with a capsule of sigma level quality.

This webinar will focus on quality as a way to manage costs and create a new competitive advantage through leveraging the expertise of suppliers in providing the best combination of product and process understanding.

Featured Speakers:

Sven Stegemann, Ph.D.

Director, Pharmaceutical Business Development
Capsugel – Now a Lonza Company

Professor of Patient Centric Drug Design and Manufacturing
Graz University of Technology

Christen Davis

Director, Quality Assurance
Capsugel – Now a Lonza Company

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