[Case Study] Citizens Medical Center, Inc. provides healthcare for life with Nuance solutions.

High-quality patient care is the goal of all healthcare organizations. For smaller hospitals burdened with personnel shortages, increased costs and reduced reimbursement, the challenge grows — especially when documentation demands overwhelm clinicians and limit the time and energy they have to focus on patient care. How can you improve the clinician experience and help them get back to practicing medicine?

Citizens Medical Center found Nuance solutions help clinicians create patient notes faster, easier and at a lower cost than ever before. Learn how they:

  • Empowered their clinicians to provide quality care for patients.
  • Improved organization performance with cloud-based solutions.
  • Supported clinicians with the flexibility to document notes whenever, wherever.
  • Enhanced the patient experience with new medical image sharing capabilities.

Read our case study to learn how Nuance's comprehensive portfolio of AI-powered clinical documentation solutions can help clinicians spend less time on documentation and more time with patients.

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