[Case Study] Magnolia Regional Health Center improves clinician satisfaction and note quality.

Clinicians are frustrated by the amount of time and effort it takes to create documentation within the EHR. What if you could help them streamline their workflow, improve documentation quality and improve financial integrity for the organization?

Magnolia Regional Health Center used Nuance AI-powered solutions to drive clinician satisfaction, improve performance, and optimize the return on their EHR investment by:
  • Speeding and simplifying patient note creation with accurate, real-time speech recognition.
  • Supporting physician mobility with anytime, anywhere documentation.
  • Enabling immediate availability of patient notes, medication lists, care plans and more.
  • Eliminating transcription costs.
  • Addressing incomplete documentation to improve financial integrity.
Read our case study or to learn how Nuance's comprehensive portfolio of AI-powered clinical documentation solutions can help improve the clinician experience.

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