[Case Study] How Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey Created a Fully Integrated Healthcare Environment

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey (Horizon) is a major insurer covering half of New Jersey’s commercial market and serving 3.7 million members, including a fully-owned Medicaid subsidiary. Reflecting Horizon’s deep commitment to healthcare industry transformation, more than two million members receive care in value-based settings.

A chief strategic aim for Horizon is “to bring a fully integrated delivery approach to a currently unintegrated environment,” said Joe O’Hara, Director, Healthcare Marketplace Innovations. Despite consolidation that has produced three large health systems in New Jersey, the level of data availability and exchange needed to optimize value is still lacking. Horizon is driving “virtual integration” through a combination of technology, process, and incentives. Horizon’s goals include creation of a comprehensive medical record and employing analytics against rich data sets to identify highly focused population cohorts and help create consistent, individual care plans. Horizon believes it is uniquely positioned to realize this vision since, as O’Hara notes, “Insurers know a lot of valuable information about patients and maintain ongoing relationships beyond care events.”

Learn how Horizon is meeting its strategic objectives in creating a fully-integrated healthcare environment by leveraging Orion Health’s technology.

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