[Video] Demand Led Services and Clinical Supply Efficiency

The traditional clinical supply model is a static, linear stock-based approach that uses bulk storage to ship to depots based on anticipated demand. The supply for an entire clinical trial is developed upfront where finished kits are held in inventory in advance of actual need. Therefore, it takes several weeks to months for lead time, produces significant waste and is not very flexible. Demand led supply is designed to meet the needs of patients, clinical sites, clinical team and sponsors. The demand led model relies on smaller, bright stocks strategically placed at locations around the globe at regional GMP facilities. Once a clinical site determines there is a clinical need or a need for seeding stock, an appropriate amount of kits are assembled and shipped to that location. This results in shorter lead time, reduced waste, less stock out risk and no booklet labels. Importantly, expiry updates are virtually eliminated and relabeling is performed at a regional GMP facility. Learn more about demand led supply for your next clinical trial.

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