[Case Study] Brand Revitalization with RP Scherer Softgel Solutions for Analgesics

A global consumer healthcare company needed to revitalize one of their leading OTC brands competing in the analgesic category. In a series of innovation sessions, Catalent RP Scherer softgel capsules were quickly identified as the ideal solution to drive incremental growth. With a highly-successful launch and halo growth for the entire brand, the new line extension increased the brand’s overall market share.

Learning Objective:
  1. How RP Scherer softgel capsules can offer innovative solutions for all consumer health categories.
  2. Executing highly-successful launch and halo growth for an entire brand in order to introduce the new a new line extension increasing brands overall market share.
  3. Catalent's experience giving brands a competitive advantage in the market across all consumer health categories.

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