[Whitepaper] The Clinical and Bottom Line Case for Emergency Department Case Management

Hospital emergency departments sit at the crux of the most expensive decision in the healthcare system, to admit or not admit a patient. As the industry makes further inroads into value-based care, the decision about whether to admit an ED patient to the hospital is crucial to both containing costs and ensuring appropriate care.

Hospitals and health systems that have added case managers in the emergency department can point to fewer unnecessary admissions, shorter ED wait times, shorter length of stay, and improved discharge and transition planning. Unfortunately, many hospitals still don’t fully staff their EDs with case managers, and they should.

This whitepaper examines opportunities and challenges of implementing case management in ED, best practices from hospitals that have successfully incorporated case management into emergency care, and the benefits that are realized by these programs.

Download now to learn:
  • How to proactively ensure patients receive the appropriate care in the appropriate setting 
  • How case management can reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and readmissions through the ED 
  • Strategies to make care managers an integral part of the ED care team to collaboratively assess, coordinate, manage and transition ED patients. 
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