[Whitepaper] How to Protect your Supply Chain from Security and Compliance Threats Utilizing On-Dose Authentication Technologies

Globalization, outsourcing and the increasing prevalence of online sales have resulted in complex supply chains for the manufacture of pharmaceutical products. This makes products increasingly vulnerable to counterfeiting and diversion.

In this whitepaper, we look at robust strategies that pharmaceutical manufacturers can adopt to protect their supply chain. Innovative solutions, such as on-dose microtags, are now being used to authenticate product; this mitigates counterfeiting, product diversion and helps to monitor returned product, quality control and recall. Download the whitepaper to understand:
  • The financial and life-threatening impact that the illicit drug supply industry is having globally
  • Recent legislation and guidance around product identification and serialization
  • The differences between overt and covert technologies used for on-dose authentication
  • Considerations for choosing the best technology for your organization

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