[Infographic] Are You Ready for in-EHR Drug Price Transparency?

Drug prices are inescapable. Demand for price transparency is not only increasing from patients and providers, but the government will soon require the inclusion of some prescription drug prices in direct-to-consumer advertisements. As the adoption of and investment in price transparency expands, so does the need to provide in-EHR brand and specialty medication savings information. Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems and Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) are working at breakneck speed to display patient-specific pricing and drug coverage information in e-prescribing modules when the prescription is being ordered, a transaction called Real Time Benefit Check, or RTBC.

It is increasingly important for pharmaceutical brand teams to provide information about available patient savings that can help providers have full transparency into the drug prices their eligible patients are likely to pay. This infographic aims to help inform brand teams as they make critical decisions about meeting the demand for price transparency.

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