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Care Alignment for Value Based Delivery


As the healthcare provider market shifts from volume to value, patient retention takes on a more significant importance. Once integrated, physician networks are established for alignment of goals and incentives for population health. To accomplish these goals, organizations must determine provider behavior in relation to referral patterns; consequently, designing effective interventions to positively impact care alignment have proven elusive.

Deloitte Consulting, LLP has successfully dealt with this enigma and we can share our experience in understanding provider networks, physician behavior, and positive programmatic change that increases patient retention rates.

During this discussion, we will explore:

  • A new analytic model for observing provider networks to direct patient care within network, while ensuring high quality, low cost care
  • The in-network vs. out-of-network designation that has traditionally been the focus of care alignment efforts
  • Measurement of physician performance and applicable risk pools
  • Provider networks and how to develop interventions that positively affect patient retention

Featured Speakers:


Dorrie Guest, Director, Deloitte Consulting, LLP

Dorrie Guest brings nearly 25 years of health care management, executive leadership, and consulting experience primarily within physician services. She leads Deloitte's Physician Enterprise and Ambulatory Services practice nationally and is a founding member of Deloitte's Value Based Care team. Prior to joining Deloitte Consulting, Dorrie served as Vice President for the faculty practice of a large, multi-campus academic medical center. Her recent consulting experience has focused on population health, clinically integrated network development, improving cost and quality outcomes in value based care arrangements, patient retention analytics and programs, and operational efficiency in ambulatory/clinic settings.


Danna Campbell, Specialist Leader, Deloitte Consulting, LLP

Danna Campbell is a Specialist Leader with over 25 years' experience including hospital/physician integration and assisting hospitals, academic medical centers, hospital-owned and independent physician groups in the areas of operational and performance improvement. She is working with several clients to develop clinically integrated networks and care transformation tools and resources. Her background as a clinical nurse and revenue cycle in the areas of critical care, transplant, dialysis, orthopedic and cardiac service lines and ambulatory care has been highly beneficial in identifying her clients' clinical and business needs in the areas of care management delivery and providing solutions for physician enterprises.


Robert Williams, M.D., Director, Life Sciences & Health Care, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Dr. Williams is the Chief Medical Officer of Deloitte Consulting's Life Sciences and Health Care practice. Bob spent 19 years as a practicing family physician, teacher and health services researcher. He was vice chair of a medical school department and an NIH principal investigator. Bob has served clients in consulting for 20 years. Within Deloitte Consulting, he leads a clinical team of 30 physicians and over 100 nurses and pharmacists. Over the past 5 years, Dr. Williams has partnered with our professionals in actuarial services, health plans and technology build a value-based care / population health team that has successfully assisted multi-entity health systems, health plans and other stakeholders in establishing value-based care enterprises.

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