The DDoS challenge of today has become a revenue generating opportunity for Converged Service Providers, Mobile Carriers as well as Wireline and Cable Carriers. While hardened centralized DDoS scrubbing operations are increasingly inflexible and becoming obsolete, localized DDoS mitigation operations are becoming the solution of choice for many. This webinar event discusses how Internet service providers can now detect, analyze and respond to DDoS attacks better than ever before to protect their own infrastructure and provide DDoS protection as-a-service to their customers.

A new approach to DDoS protection, visibility and scalability is enabling Providers with new opportunities for revenue generating services--at a fraction of the cost of traditional DDoS defense solutions.

Join this live session to better understand:

  • How to detect, analyze and respond to DDoS attacks in real-time
  • How to increase revenues and differentiate from the competition by offering DDoS protected services
  • Best practices for adding DDoS protection as-a-service offerings to your portfolio

Featured Speakers:


Sean Newman
Director Product Management
Corero Network Security

Sean has worked in the security and networking industry for twenty years, with previous roles including network security Global Product Manager for Cisco, who he joined as part of their acquisition of cyber-security vendor Sourcefire, where he was Security Evangelist and Field Product Manager for EMEA.  Prior to that he was Senior Product Manager for endpoint and network security vendor Sophos, after having spent more than 12 years as an Engineer, Engineering Manager and then Senior Product Manager for network infrastructure manufacturer 3Com.