[eBrief] Demystifying Millimeter Wave for 5G Mobile Uses

The coming 5G NR (New Radio) standard will allow for commercial deployments in 2019 for mobile networks and devices. The use of millimeter-Wave (mmWave) spectrum frequencies, such as 28 GHz and 39 GHz, has emerged as a key technology enabler for delivering content-rich data like video to smartphones, tablets, VR headsets and even vehicles.

However, utilizing these higher spectrum bands does not come easy — increased propagation loss, susceptibility to blocking, and mobile device form-factor constraints are just a few reasons these high-bands were traditionally unsuitable for mobile.

Early 5G research is now showcasing how advanced 5G NR technologies will overcome these challenges to provide robust mobile broadband communications.

Download this eBrief to learn more about mmWave for mobile uses.

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