The specialty drug market has exploded in recent years, from less than a dozen on the market in 1990 to more than 300 today. These medicines are highly targeted—to patients with rare diseases, for example, or in the case of cancer, to patients whose tumors possess specific genetic mutations. Specialty drugs come with high costs, however, which range from challenging manufacturing processes to the need to develop diagnostics to market along with the medicines. Pharma companies can pass some of those expenses along to customers, but that’s a challenging strategy at a time when the pharmaceutical industry is taking heat from politicians and public health advocates about the prices of specialty drugs, which can be hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

This webinar will bring together experts from the arenas of pharmaceuticals, health insurance and public health to offer strategies for managing the costs of developing and marketing highly specialized drugs.

Topics include:

    • How pharmacy benefits managers can work with pharmaceutical companies to design cost-effective specialty drug benefits plans.
    • Strategies for tracking the utilization of specialty drugs to ensure they’re being used in the most cost-effective manner.
    • The growing use of specialty pharmacies and how they can be leveraged to bring costs down in drug development and marketing.

Featured Speakers:

Christie Welton, Pharm.D  

Clinical Executive

Saumil Pandya

Senior Director, Policy and Research

Kristin Begley, PharmD

Chief Revenue Officer
EmpiRx Health LLC

Harold Carter

Senior Director, Clinical Solutions
Express Scripts

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