Nurse experience impacts the patient experience, and the significant amount of time a nurse spends on EMR documentation can contribute to cumulative trauma disorders (CTDs) such as carpal tunnel syndrome, low back pain and other musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).  Nurses and patients depend on thoughtfully planned environments to work and heal. As they provide life-changing care, nurses see firsthand the clear connection between effective environments and patient outcomes. They need the best spaces, tools and workflows for them and their patients to thrive.

In this webinar, you will hear how demanding schedules, uncomfortable equipment and time-consuming EHRs can act as road blocks to the best work environments for nurses, negatively impacting morale and contributing to nurse fatigue. You’ll learn how time-honored ergonomic principles can create environments that support the whole nurse and foster strong nurse-patient connections, leading to healthier (and happier) patients and a stronger, more resilient healthcare industry.


Featured Speakers

Bob Hill

Healthcare Manager

Nurse experience impacts patient experience, so Bob leads Ergotron Healthcare in its understanding of stakeholder needs, with a devotion to help caregivers thrive and remove constraints that take energy away from caring for their patients.  He is deeply connected to the patient experience and patient engagement objectives of today’s healthcare systems and ACO’s, allowing him to understand the role and intersection of patients, clinicians, built environments and technology. He recognizes the importance and significance of both nurse and patient engagement, as well as the significance of the nurse and patient experience on the healing process.

Carrie Schmitz

Senior Manager of Human Factors & Ergonomics Research, AOEAS, CHC

At Ergotron, Carrie oversees ergonomics research and outreach, working closely with top researchers in the field to advance knowledge around the impacts sit-stand activity has on our health and well-being. Carrie is deeply committed to educating the public on the importance of a healthy work-life balance, and her work with prominent universities and healthcare organizations has been important to establishing evidence-based data around the benefits of sit-stand workstations. Her input and expertise has informed design decisions behind Ergotron’s stand up desk and monitor mount lines of products. Carrie often presents to large businesses and professional associations and regularly consults businesses on tailoring office spaces to suit employees’ physical needs and work requirements.

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