[Whitepaper] Bring New Drugs to Market Faster: Enabling Virtual Clinical Trials with Mobile Specimen Collections and Digital Health Data

Virtual clinical trials are a more recent trend for clinical research and are based in the idea that the study is conducted at a single site, rather than multiple sites. Because of this, virtual clinical trials have primarily been limited to studies that do not require specimen collections from study participants. However, with access to a flexible and broad-reaching network of mobile phlebotomists and exam centers, trials with specimen requirements don’t need to be limited to traditional program designs.

Additionally, data can augment these virtual studies by providing insightful historical health information for participants. By referencing prescription and laboratory testing history, studies can obtain a comprehensive picture of an individual’s health. This information can be used in conjunction with mobile specimen collections, or on its own if a specimen is not necessary.

Modernizing the way studies are conducted can continue to evolve with the use of more accessible information. Mobile specimen collections and health data support this evolution and broaden the scope for which types of studies can be conducted virtually. Download this whitepaper to learn more.

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