[Whitepaper] Dark Fiber 101

Fiber installations have grown at a rapidly increasing pace. To keep up, top telecom companies like Verizon and AT&T have invested billions in fiber and cable. As the consumer demand for broadband and connectivity increases so will the need for fiber.

However, planning a network with dark fiber is more complicated than merely ordering service from a lit services provider. That’s why the experts at FiberLocator have developed a FREE, comprehensive white paper to guide you through the process.

• Chapter 1: What is Dark Fiber
• Chapter 2: Type of Fiber Optic Cable
• Chapter 3: Type of Providers
• Chapter 4: Construction Project vs. Simple Install
• Chapter 5: Monetary Impact of Fiber Lease vs. IRU
• Chapter 6: Pros & Cons
• Chapter 7: Is Dark Fiber the Answer
• Chapter 8: Case Studies

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