[Whitepaper] When to 3D Print In House and When to Outsource

Why you should download

Rapid prototyping with 3D printing helps teams communicate with stakeholders and ultimately results in better end products. Download the white paper now if you want more information on:
  • How designers can receive feedback and quickly iterate designs
  • Considerations to ensure optimal cost savings and value for your rapid prototyping applications
  • What factors to consider in choosing the right option for you and your company
  • An overview of the primary 3D printing rapid prototyping methods

What you will learn

At a relatively low cost, product designers and engineers can show 3D printed prototypes to customers, business partners, and people across the company. Download the white paper now to learn:
  • When to outsource to a 3D printing service bureau or prototype in-house
  • Which 3D printing technologies are best for specific rapid prototyping applications
  • The pros and cons of desktop 3D printers and industrial 3D printers

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