[Whitepaper] Leveling the Playing Field: Leveraging Brick and Mortar Advantages to Compete with eCommerce

Brick and mortar retail is in trouble: as ecommerce gradually erodes physical retail—effectively commoditizing the routine shopping experience—retailers are finding it hard to survive. Competition based on price alone is a prescription for failure; and ecommerce sites, based on their massive scope and scale, are capable of underselling any local merchant. Many consumers are looking for a shopping experience: one where real, live sales people know their customers, provide helpful suggestions, let them try out a product before they buy it, and who never say “no.”

What do consumers want? They want a predictable experience: one that feels the same, regardless of which retail location is visited.

In this White Paper, you will learn about:
  • Point-of-service verses point-of-sale
  • Understanding purpose over place
  • POS Technology Solutions
  • Digitizing the shopping journey
  • Staying predictable in an unpredictable market

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