Mobile IoT, also known as Low Power Wide Area (LPWA), is ideal for smart cities solutions. Benefited from its low power consumption, low device cost, long battery life (up to 10 years) and wide area cellular coverage, cities can become more efficient and make their assets work harder. Mobile IoT networks offer a scalable, secure and standardised way to connect smart city assets across a wide variety of services in an economically sustainable way. As a result, high quality of service and effective management and integration of the IoT attributes can be efficiently implemented into a city’s framework for service provision.

This webinar, delivered by mobile network operators, smart city developers and customers, will explore how Mobile IoT technologies help facilitate and speed up smart city asset implementation through use cases in various verticals, including smart lighting, smart parking, and smart waste management.

Featured Speakers:

Neill Young
Smart Cities Lead, IoT Programme

Neill is Smart Cities Lead in the IoT team at the GSMA. He has over 10 years of experience in building M2M and IoT services and ecosystems within both mobile network operators and vertical service providers. At the GSMA, he has worked on guides to smart city services including crowd management, streetlighting and traffic management, and helped leading mobile operators build their smart city strategies.

Ron Malenfant
Global SP IoT & Mobility Architectures and Business Development

Ron has extensive experience with Service Providers, Mobile and IoT Security, Enterprise – SP verticals such as Retail, Smart Cities, Public Safety networks, Analytics and Monetization. Ron is looking at Service Provider solutions and architecture evolutions such as 5G, 5G Enterprise solutions, IoT, IoT security, Smart Cities, Wifi, Analytics and the various monetization models. Ron has been driving Smart City initiatives such as Smart City Wifi as a Platform working with Service Providers and Cities globally.
Date:  Wednesday, October 25, 2017
Time:  10am ET / 7am PT
Duration:  1 Hour

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