[Whitepaper] Drive Behavioral Changes that Reduce Variability in Care

Rising healthcare costs are putting pressure on the entire healthcare industry. At the same time, many hospital systems are seeing revenue slow, or even decline. That’s a daunting sustainability gap. The Advisory Board has identified twenty-two opportunities for healthcare systems to reduce this sustainability gap. And the number-one item on this list is clinical variability.

Clinical variability can lead to inefficiencies, adverse events, increased lengths of stay, and higher mortality rates. In short, all quality indicators are affected. Reducing unwanted variability is a huge challenge because clinical care is rooted in a series of behaviors that are incredibly difficult to change — even when you want to do the right thing. But it’s not impossible. The key is to make people trust and remember what you want them to do.

Download the white paper “Drive behavioral changes that reduce variability in care”.

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