[eBrief] Improving Claims Efficiency to Lower Costs and Spur Innovation

Faced with an imperative to be more efficient and to reduce costs, health plans should look to claims process improvement to gain operational efficiency and cost savings, while creating opportunities to invest in innovation. 

Claims processing is complicated, and errors and cumbersome billing practices waste precious resources and time. This article explores ways that transformative health plans optimize claims operations for lower costs, fewer accuracy issues, and faster claims payment. Armed with these improvements, health plans can focus on implementing advanced approaches to care delivery that lead to better relationships with providers and better outcomes for patients. 

How much do claims errors and payment integrity problems cost health plans and how can claims optimization fund innovation projects?

Read this eBrief to learn:

  • How a shift from post-pay to pre-pay can ensure claim accuracy and fraud detection
  • Strategies for using data to efficiently manage claims received from providers
  • Best practices to automate and streamline the claims process
  • How health plans can successfully reallocate valuable resources toward innovation

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