A research report by ABI Research predicts the transformation of a world where interaction with a single screen is the norm to a world of the “pervasive screen”, where multiple and various display types come together to provide a ubiquitous video-driven world, enabled by advanced mobile connectivity like 5G and with content coordinated across the entire spectrum.

What business and use case opportunities will this unlock? What are the requirements, both in terms of video technology and network capability, to drive this technology forward? What limitations – power needs, processing capabilities, physical design – need to be overcome to usher in this world?

Featured Speakers

Michael Inouye

Principal Analyst
ABI Research

As a Principal Analyst for ABI Research, Michael Inouye orchestrates research and analysis surrounding video and virtual reality (VR), including hardware, services, and related technologies. He also conducts research regarding other cloud services beyond over-the-top (OTT) video, as well as multiscreen/TV Everywhere in the home. His background has provided him a solid understanding of markets for a wide variety of consumer premises equipment and of digital media in the home.

Gaël Seydoux

Director, Research & Innovation

Gaël leads the Interdigital Research & Innovation team responsible for developing immersive media technologies, including: Virtual and Augmented Reality, Light Field and Light Guiding for AR, Realtime VFX, Virtual Production and other technologies that are transforming the way consumers experience content and entertainment. He manages a team of engineers and scientists who are dedicated to supporting Technicolor’s business units – including MPC, The Mill, MrX and Mikros – that require new technologies and IP offerings that bring emerging immersive experiences to market. He looks after strategy and defines roadmap of research for all Interdigital topics related to Immersive.


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