[Scientific Poster] Developing a High-Throughput Formulation Development Platform

Some of the challenges in early stages of a pharmaceutical are a limited supply of protein to use in formulation screening studies, and a need to obtain stability data quickly to initiate tox studies. In this poster, titled Developing a High-Throughput Formulation Development Platform for High-Concentration, Therapeutic Monoclonal Anitbodies , scientists at Catalent Biologics outline a method utilizing a high-throughput, micro-well plate platform to economically screen a mAb in 96 formulations. Learn more about:
  1. How a high-throughput formulation development approach can be used at the target high protein concentration, while using minimal protein
  2. How stability screening can differ when executed at high (120 mg/ml) versus low (1 mg/ml) mAb concentration
  3. Why it is important to conduct early screening studies at the target mAb concentration rather than using low-concentration data to predict trends at higher protein concentrations

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