[Whitepaper] Accelerating Clinical Trials Through Access to Real-World Patient Data

The pharmaceutical and life sciences industry needs to accelerate clinical research to reduce overall R&D costs while delivering innovative treatments. However, virtually all pharmaceutical manufacturers and contract research organizations (CROs) recognize that accessing the needed quantity and quality of real-world patient data is a fundamental barrier to reaching this goal. Escalating costs and delays in clinical trials for new drugs and treatments remains the norm.

This whitepaper explores the impact of providing the clinical trials ecosystem with a foundational health informatics platform that enables researchers to access and use real-world data from hospitals and other healthcare providers. With such, clinical researchers can quickly evaluate protocol feasibility, identify and recruit viable patient candidates for trials, and track patients enrolled in clinical trials. Once a drug or treatment is on the market, the platform enables efficient and accurate health surveillance and observational studies using real-world data originating from many different sources. Read more about leveraging normalized real-world patient data to streamline clinical trials, reduce delays and lower costs.

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