As competition for share of voice becomes increasingly fierce, HCP engagement strategies have evolved from an empiric approach to a targeted paradigm. In an environment where access to HCPs is becoming progressively more limited, how can companies prioritize which HCPs to engage?

The answer? “HCP Impact.” 

Certain clinicians influence the decision-making of others in the health care community and have the unique ability to impact the care of patients well beyond their own practices. These clinicians are hard to find. 81qd’s network mapping analytics not only identifies those high-impact clinicians, but also the strength and breadth of their impact and reach. These are the clinicians who will be imperative to the success of your brand.

Understanding the existing relationships among health care professionals not only optimizes your ability to connect with them, but it also maximizes the impact of marketing communications in achieving the desired clinical behavior change that will improve patient care.

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Featured Speakers

Daniel Leszkiewicz, PhD

Executive Vice President of Health Care Analytics

As the Executive Vice President of Health Care Analytics at 81qd, Daniel oversees the identification of community-based clinical networks and influential health care providers, building novel solutions to help clients meet their key business objectives. Daniel received his PhD in neurobiology from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, and his BS in psychobiology from Binghamton University. He then completed a National Science Foundation–funded postdoctoral fellowship in the Department of Pharmacology at University College London.

Bob Gabruk

Managing Director, Health Care Analytics

As Managing Director, Bob is accountable for creating and executing the health care analytics business strategy. Bob’s professional experience spans over 25 years, with strong capabilities in strategy consulting, market research, and quantitative analysis. Mostly recently, Bob has focused on analyzing and influencing buyers’ decision-making processes to create competitive advantage via strategic marketing, promotional resource planning, selling effectiveness, and business development. 


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