This webinar will review all of the benefits and privileges about the MSC Yacht Club.  MSC Yacht Club is the epitome of elegance and luxury at sea and offers a cruise experience like no other. The MSC Yacht Club includes unlimited beverages, private restaurants and bars, its own private pool and hot tubs as well.  This experience boasts a “ship within a ship” mentality where MSC Yacht Club guests get a section of the ship all to themselves, while still enjoying all of the features and offerings of the public areas.  If you have clients who seek luxury, privacy, elegance, and exclusivity, you will want to join and learn more about what the MSC Yacht Club has to offer.  Once the webinar is completed, you will be a pro with the best knowledge of MSC Yacht Club.

Featured Speaker:

Lori Sheller

Senior Vice President of Strategic Sales and Groups
MSC Cruises USA

Lori Sheller is the newly appointed Senior Vice President of Strategic Sales & Groups for MSC Cruises USA. In this role, Sheller is responsible for the relationships with key strategic accounts and consortia as well as management of the group department. Prior to this position, Sheller spent 18 years working in cruise retail distribution. Sheller’s greatest strengths are her ability to see the importance of, and maintain high levels of dedication and commitment to cruise industry relations and an innate ability to forecast trends in the market and meet them with strategies to fully execute and deliver high end sales results.


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