Do you know Macao has nearly 500 years of Portuguese history and more five-star properties than any other destination worldwide? Only an hour ferry or a 15-minute helicopter ride from Hong Kong, Macao merges Europe and Asia in its display of architecture, culture and food. 

Join us to learn more about Macao and our complimentary fam opportunity. We want to share all the great things you need to know about this exotic destination in Asia.

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Featured Speaker:


Yvonne Luo

Marketing Coordinator
Yvonne was first captivated by Macao's exotic beauty when she visited the city at the age of 10. Now based in Los Angeles, she is passionate about sharing the history, culture and cuisines of Macao with people all over the world. You can find her meandering through the city’s cobblestone streets taking pictures of the colorful architectures, enjoying different street foods, and always discovering something new each time in Macao.