Oncology is leading the precision medicine revolution, as clinical researchers identify biomarkers to target patient subsets with more effective treatments. Yet there remains a scarcity of available patients for targeted therapy trials, and capturing, standardizing and analyzing app, sensor, imaging and genomic data from disparate systems is often unreliable.

Discover how increasingly sophisticated technology with advanced analytics is helping clinical investigators and trial leaders overcome these challenges, and learn how a data-driven approach is a catalyst for:
    •  Optimal study design that minimizes patient burden & improves enrollment
    •  Improved site selection, enrollment, and retention with multivariate models
    •  Unified Study Conduct that streamlines trial operations and data capture
    •  Ensure real-world impact of new medicines and faster approvals

Featured Speakers

Reinhard von Roemeling, MD

Board Certified Oncologist
Former SVP of Global Oncology, Merck KGaA

Robert R. Ford, MD

Founder and Principal
Clinical Trials Imaging Consulting, LLC.

Michele Becci

Vice President, Industry Strategy
Medidata Solutions

Jason Mezey, PhD

Statistical Geneticist and Professor
Cornell University

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