Telecom networks have been fairly homogeneous, with a small set of specialized vendors supplying dedicated networking equipment to the telecom operators. But with the advent of 5G networks, and the need to support IoT devices through connectivity, the world’s networks are rapidly being virtualized. This means that networking software is deployed on commercial hardware, and terms such as NFV, SDN and orchestration are common.

Defining the network functions in software brings up a new set of issues: how do you manage the telecom software ecosystem? How do you ensure that the correct version of software is installed, that updates are completed correctly in the network?

These issues are addressed by Entitlement Management, which has been used for some time in the IT environments. The following questions will be addressed:
  • How mobile and broadband networks are moving to virtualized environments
  • The challenges with managing the software ecosystem in a virtualized telecom network
  • How Entitlement Management is applied to the virtualized telecom environment
  • Technical considerations for Entitlement Management deployment
  • Benefits of Entitlement Management to the telco’s business model and business performance.

Featured Speakers:

Murt O'Donnell
Director of Technology Programs
ModusLink Global Solutions

Murt O’Donnell is Director of Technology Programs at ModusLink Global Solutions, Inc. since September 2016. Mr. O’Donnell is responsible for the SaaS entitlement management offering, PoeticTM — a web application that helps companies manage the complexities related to licensing and entitlements for software and hardware products and services, as well as other markets. He has an extensive background in software license and entitlement management solutions, subscription, e-commerce and the development of new, strategic IoT capabilities.

Mats Vilander
Global Vice President
ModusLink Global Solutions

Mats has been in the Global Telecommunication Industry for 24 years from leading global Wireless infrastructure suppliers and technology solution providers. Mats has an extensive experience of all wireless network technologies as well as SDN solutions managing major mobile operator’s network expansion with upgrades and modernization. Mats spent a few years in a tech lead Private Equity company leading the transformation of portfolio companies growth for global expansion transforming them from product suppliers to solution providers. Mats is currently the Global Vice President, leading all Moduslink Entitlement Management and IOT business.

Iain Gillot
Founder and President

Iain is an acknowledged wireless and mobile industry authority and an accomplished presenter. Before founding iGR, Mr. Gillott was a Group Vice President in IDC's Telecommunications practice, managing IDC's worldwide research on wireless and mobile communications and Internet access, telecom brands, residential and small business telecommunications and telecom billing services.


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